How it Works

Select one or multiple hacking services. We provide wide range of hacking services such as Website hacking, database hacking, email hacking, facebook hacking, smart phone hacking, link removal, grade changing etc.  Also you can order of special hacking services.

Selecting a hacking is not end of the process of hire a hacker. You need to provide as much as information possible. For example if you want us to hack a facebook account then you can provoide us following information:

1.Target account direct link.
2. Name
3. Age
4. Location
5. Friends
6. Phone Number etc.
Whenever you select a hacker for hire service you need to give us the details of the target. If website/database then you give us URL address, admin details etc. For phone hacking, the phone details, phone number etc.

In this step we fix the payment amount. We may consider to work for less money for you. So this step is required.

After fixation of the payment you send half in advance. Within 3-5 hours  we complete our job and we inform you. We deliver our work and You send the rest half. Order complete!.