What can Go Wrong When Hiring a Hacker

What can Go Wrong When Hiring a Hacker

What can go wrong when hiring a Hacker? Before delving into all the things that could go wrong with hiring a Hacker, it is only rational to look at all the good reasons why you would want to hire  a Hacker in the first place?

What is Hacking? Hacking is the act of systematically penetrating a computer systems with or without the owners permission. This type of hacking helps find weaknesses and security vulnerabilities that an unauthorized hacker like us could exploit. 🙂

Why should you consider hiring a Hacker?

There are obviously strong reasons as to why you should consider hiring an Hacker in the first place. Hackers can perform a variety of roles based on the kind of business you operate in.

For starters:

  • Well versed with network security vulnerabilities
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  • Financially future proof your business

We  know a lot about network security. This puts us in a unique position to pinpoint any weaknesses that could be exploited .

We have real world experience

We have  real world experience

As much as you may have IT professionals monitoring your network security, these people are just working from a theoretical point of view. Furthermore, they are only thinking about defence, which means their vantage point is a little limited. Us Hackers we are  used to thinking offensively and anticipate. We have real life experience as to what kind of security measures work and which ones can be easily manoeuvred. This kind of insight is invaluable when it comes to finding loopholes.

What could go wrong?

They could be vulnerable to attacks themselves

One thing you need to understand about hacking is that every good hacker has to stay up to date with all the current skills and coding weaknesses out there. What this means is that even if the hacker you hire is a White Hat hacker, they still need to have some kind of association with the Black or Grey Hats. This is the only way they would know what kinds of vulnerabilities exist.

Yes, they obviously invent many different personas to blend into the various chat rooms but who is to say that these vulnerabilities are completely secure? Who is to say that in their quest to completely secure your network by asking questions on hacker forums they wouldn’t be opening doors to Black Hats, albeit unknowingly?

They could leave loopholes for themselves

A hacker knows exactly how to infiltrate a system without being detected. They can do this even when you are on the defensive and looking. Now imagine what they can do when you are not looking? Giving an ethical hacker full access to your network security could potentially open you up to attacks by the very person you hired to help keep other hackers out.

They could prove to be a loose end when it comes to corporate espionage

Hackers are generally very smart people, but they are still human. This means that they are vulnerable to their particular vices just like every other human being. Therefore, should they come under the influence of your corporate espionage for one reason or another, the kind of access they will have handed over to your competitor will be devastating to your business. They could easily access your company’s financial records and data and use any trade secrets to gain an edge in the market. Worse yet, they could be working for your competitors while pretending to beef up your company’s system security. There is a vast range of things that could go wrong should you hire the wrong person.

They could paralyze your system to prove a point

Most hackers have a good reason for doing what they do. In many cases, they go in, get what they are after and get out. Sometimes they leave you a message that shows they were there and sometimes they don’t. The point is, in many cases, your system will still be standing after they have left. In this case, all you have to do is patch up the hole and try to keep future hackers out.

However, should you hire a hacker who has a point to prove, who is to say that they would not use their knowledge of your system to bring it down just to prove a point or show their value? Bear in mind that this knowledge they wouldn’t have had they been hacking from outside.


Hiring a Hacker sounds like an easy and straightforward process, but it masks a lot that requires much thinking. Yes, there are very good reasons why you should hire a Hackers, particularly if you know why you’re hiring an outsider to hack your systems or if you need to beef up your network security. But there are just as many reasons why it might not be a good idea. It is also a good idea to help train your existing employees with IT Security certifications and be on the safe side of things. It all comes down to how much risk you are willing to take.

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